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Courtney Heitman
Courtney Heitman

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Nevertheless, Courtney Heitman Coded

I began/continue to code because...

I love it. I love the feeling of getting into flow/deep-focus/whatever we're calling it these days and flexing my brain to solve problems.

I taught myself HTML when I was 11 years old, before all the "development is a guy career" stereotypes kicked in. So, when I went to an IT Club competition in high school, and I met the first guy who actually thought I didn't belong because I was female (and actually told me that) I was taken aback for a few seconds, and then I just thought, "You know what: watch me dominate!"

I recently overcame...

Another level of imposter syndrome. Sometimes you have to stop and look around and go "oh, I guess I do really know a ton about [topic]." My most recent topics have been accessibility compliance and scrum.

I want to brag about...

Getting selected to speak at Magento Imagine! I live in this weird tech world where I am both a UX Developer and a Scrum Master, so getting to share how as a Scrum Master I help facilitate UX conversations on a larger scale in front of a couple hundred people from around the world is just mind blowing.

My advice for allies to support women who code is....

Make sure that women have a voice in meetings! In society, women are socialized to not be as assertive. When women do speak up they're often interrupted, so watch for visual cues. And when in doubt ask for their opinion!

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