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I started to code in 2017 because...I wanted to build things and solve problems. I wanted to prove to myself that it wasn't "beyond me" or "too difficult"... and I did! I moved from a fundraising role in the cultural sector to a tech job within six months - anything is possible!

My favourite code editor is...VS code. I thought Atom was "the one" for a long time but in the past six months I have been completely converted by the integrated terminal, panda theme and debugging.

I hope for more women and young people to get involved with tech. I am currently volunteering for Code First Girls as I think everyone should have the opportunity to learn, even if it doesn't turn into a career. It's a really powerful life-skill. I also want to see the cultural and charitable sectors have more access to new technologies and IT infrastructures - this could transform the way some organisations work.

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Career changer. Coding since Sep 2017. Also love food, travel, art and pugs.


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