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[Video] Fostering the Next Generation of Developers

As we lead up to CascadiaJS 2019, I'm going to share the 24 amazing talks from 2018 here on Sit back and enjoy the show!

Laker Sparks

Laker Sparks

When you hear about a development studio, you may typically think about a group of industry experts with years of experience and education. But there is a new generation of emerging developers who are not content to wait for college, or even high school to get in the game. As the head of Information Experience on Roblox, Laker Sparks has seen young hobbyist programmers transform into multi-million dollar development teams. In this talk, he will share his learnings and observations about the experiences and challenges of these young developers, and then discuss resources and techniques you can use to help foster this next generation of developers and creators.

Watch the talk on YouTube (21:33)

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