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Webhooks: Real-time notifications for blockchain events

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Real-time webhook notifications for transactions and events
Crypto APIs Webhooks push notifications events have been already 1.5 years on the market, and recently we introduced Webhook 2.0 which adds massive optimization and better scalability.

Crypto APIs supports Webhooks (also called web callbacks or HTTP push APIs) to provide your applications with real-time information.

Many usage patterns require knowing when an event occurs: i.e., when a transaction is included in a block, or when an unconfirmed transaction is relayed through the network. Instead of requiring you to continuously poll resources, Crypto APIs provides push APIs to facilitate those use cases.

Crypto APIs supports Webhook notifications for:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, DASH, DOGE, ERC20 tokens, Zilliqa, Ripple

Use cases
Crypto exchanges, Wallets, Block explorers, Hardware ledgers and others can use Webhooks in the following matter:

  1. Get updates when an event happens, no need for polling data all the time
  2. Monitor incoming and outgoing transactions in any address
  3. Get notification for new block, new transaction or new confirmation

Webhook types
To best understand how you can use the Webhook notifications, you should know what kind of events we support:

NEW_BLOCK – Triggered for every new block added to the blockchain you’ve selected as your base resource.
CONFIRMED_TX – Triggered for every new transaction making it into a new block; in other words, for every first transaction confirmation.
ADDRESS – Triggered any time an address appears in a transaction in a new block added to the blockchain or into the unconfirmed queue and waiting to be mined.
TRANSACTION_CONFIRMATIONS – Receive confirmations for a specified address.

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