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re: Programming has very little to do with maths.

I always thought I was terrible at math. I probably still am. I failed every algebra course I've taken. If I wanted to finish my bachelor's, I'd have to pay to take a pre-algebra test. That said, if I were to study anything at this point, it wouldn't be computer science.

Everything I learned about math, I had to learn on my own. I've created game engines and learned algebra they don't even teach to undergraduates. I had to teach myself trigonometry, geometry, matrix math and transformations.

I did that because it was interesting, and useful. Outside of game programming, I don't really ever need much of that knowledge now. Making software is a lot more than writing code. It's better to know how to communicate effectively with your team, know how to learn and ask good questions, and have a good work ethic and sense of professionalism. Your GPA in math matters about as much to me as your GPA in grade school, for all I care. Nobody asks, or cares, where you went to school. Similar to how adults stop giving each other birthday presents, I guess? You outgrow it, because there's more important stuff to do.

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