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Nevertheless, Christine Coded

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I have joined a new company, Flywheel, and I am getting to work with more female engineers then ever, and I also have my first female manager too! After I graduated college and started as a software engineer, I was the only female on my team. It was about 3 years before I even worked with another female engineer. I love how much effort and emphasis my current employer puts into diversity, and promoting programs for future women in IT (like CodeCrush).

I have also started mentoring undergraduate and graduate woman who are working towards degrees in IT. I am trying to give back and hope to help foster a great environment for future Information Technology professionals. The program has been a wonderful experience working with the very talented department at University of Nebraska at Omaha College of IS&T.

Additionally I am starting in on my own speaking experience, and for the first time am going to present at technical conferences (Kernelcon in Omaha and KCDC in Kansas City I'm looking at you!). This was a step outside my comfort zone, but I have felt so empowered getting to see and listen to so many great women speakers at RubyConf this last year, that I also wanted to add in my own voice.

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