I'm building a resources list site for communities of colour in Montreal

csumm profile image Carl Summers ・1 min read

One thing I noticed growing up in Montreal, Canada is that we have tons of people from everywhere, but nobody knows what is available to them unless someone knows another person, who knows some guy down by the convenience store whose brother is a community worker. I decided I wanted to piece a list together of resources for communities of colour in Montreal into one site, where everyone can have access to what's available to them in their community, as well making it easily accessible to screen readers and people who need special devices to access the web. It's called 'Help Me POC'.

The project is using VuePress and has a documentation style format, allowing search either from the navbar or sidebar. I'm planning on getting a domain name for it. The project has been made open so people who are from Montreal who know about other community resources can easily add and make pull requests.

If you're from Montreal, Canada or from anywhere else and willing to contribute and support, here are the useful links to get started:

Help Me POC staging app

Help Me POC Github repo

Looking forward to seeing you help out!


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