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re: This week, I... Learned to write better tests for frontend with jest and enzyme and I finished an online course!

oh man oh man, I love jest. Have you tried using thevscode-jest plugin yet? It's really great for getting quick feedback. In fact, I even thought about adding a section on vscode-jest to my article on "failing fast" but I had already posted it, and I'm trying to make my blog posts "immutable" haha. The past is the past! :)

Philosophical rambling and linking aside... I'd love to hear what's working for you with jest and what you think could be better. I really like talking about testing. .spyOn is my jam. So much better than having to rely on dependency injection.


Haven't tried it yet; I try to keep light on the extensions, but I'll check it out thanks!

Yea vscode-jest is definitely not a light extension, but neither is NCrunch which inspired it. But I find that quokka isn’t too bad memory wise.

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