Free 1st mo + $5/mo LIFETIME hosting for select websites

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I am a representative for a private exclusive web hosting company that is offering free first month + $5/mo thereafter hosting for a limited number of websites. If interested, please respond to this post with your current website URL or idea and it will be considered. More details will be discussed with chosen candidates, but our hosting setup is a drop-in replacement for Apache, yet significantly higher performing. As every website has different needs, if a website is chosen a subsequent technical screening will be conducted to ensure we will be able to provide sufficient resources for it to fulfill its mission. Providing known technical requirements in your reply will help streamline the technical screening, but is not required for consideration.

A few websites are explicitly excluded from participation:

  • websites promoting sexually explicit material or violence
  • any website whose content would be a violation of dev.to's community guidelines (our company has pretty much the same guidelines)

All others are welcome to apply. Websites whose content, in our exclusive discretion, are particularly beneficial to the Internet at large will be more likely to be chosen.

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