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Christopher Wray Author • Edited

Hey Scott, I saw the site initially on mobile, and I thought the design was great! The containers may need a little constraining so they don't go too wide on larger screens. For that I would just add a max-width property in the CSS on the class that they all have.

I used Vue Meta for the meta descriptions, and had a little issues as well until I realized that the hid and name attribute should be just description, not the meta description itself. The nuxt docs weren't really clear about that.

Here is where I got the docs:

You can also check out the pages/index.vue file in my portfolio repo to see how my meta info is set up.

The meta is at the very bottom of the file.

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Scott Sawyer

That was it! Thank you!

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Christopher Wray Author

That's great! Let me know if I can help more.