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My week three experience as an intern at TaskForce4.0


I wish I had had such an experience before back in 2017. and you must be asking yourselves why I said this? back in 2017 was the year I truly focused on practicing software development. So guys in this article I will talk about entity relationship diagram and team culture as well as communication.

Yeah being a back-end developer is not an easy task if you don't have a team and a good working environment such as the one at Codeofafrica and Awesomity lab. In 2017 I used to learn something from the internet and think of the project to implement and all I could do was to go straight and start coding the project but this is a hell of time-wasting. during the development, I could come across my excitement and start doing things I never have done like implementing meaningless features, repeating myself over and over, Ohhhhh poor boy.

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Having a better understanding of the project is the primary need before you start working on any project. After event storming our project, we ended up with the diagram commonly known as an entity-relationship diagram that defines the entities, attributes of each entity, types of each attribute, and relationships among entities. this at the end is what we call the data center of the project.

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People have different cultures and different behaviors from which in a blick of an eye someone's behavior can ruin the team. So it is good to have a common culture, shared values within the team to better drive the team toward victory. the fact that at Taskforce we don't only code and do more stuff of software development, we do also engage in team culture building to learn and keep good spirits in the team. This was the fun part of this week.

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