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re: I will try to be respectful, but this post actually upsets me, and I disagree with everything that you have said. In fact, I tend to think that any...

I tried to write as if I'm dirty coder and how would I react if someone told me about clean coding. I saw people thinking in a way I wrote in this post. I wrote it straight forword thinking anyone who knows little bit about clean code would disagree with me and eventualy realize that this is dirty coders point of view. I put sketch at the bottom which depicts the fact that dirty coders likes to code as they are doing since they started and don't want to adopt clean coding standards. I hope this will clears the air.


Yes, that's good to know. There are two issues you should consider here:

  1. I didn't understand your sketch. Maybe it needs a caption.

  2. This is a classic case of Poe's Law. It's possible that a dirty coder reading this would feel that they've gained justification for their actions, which would damage their career and make a heavy workload for those who work with them.

With satire or parody, I find it's almost always wise to clearly label it as such. I'd feel bad for you if a potential employer found this article and thought you really felt that way!

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