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Deploy A Gatsby Site to the Amplify Console With One Click

Amplify Console 1 Click Deploy

We recently released the Deploy to Amplify Console Button.

You can add this button to your GitHub file, blog post, or any other markup page that renders HTML to allow developers to deploy their application to the Amplify Console with 1 click.

Try it out below to launch the Gatsby Starter Blog 👇.


It basically works like this:

You create a link that has the following URL structure:

You can then wrap it in the button in markdown like this:


What happens when an app is deployed in this way?

  1. Fork the repo into your GitHub account
  2. Create your Amplify Console app
  3. Kick off your build

Once the app is launched, you are given a live URL.

To kick off a new build, clone the app, make changes locally, & merge the changes into master.

If the app being launched has an Amplify backend attached, you wil have the option to deploy the backend as well.

To learn more about the Amplify Console, see the documentation here.

My Name is Nader Dabit. I am a Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services working with projects like AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify. I specialize in cross-platform & cloud-enabled application development.

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I have one question regarding the node version to use with Amplify Console. Can I use any version >=8.10 or should I stick with one.