State Management - Redux or MobX?

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Coming into my current React project mid-development, I didn't have proficiency with either Redux or MobX, and our project used Redux, so I got accustomed to it.

Now that I have a firm grasp of Redux, I took some time to look at alternatives so I could have additional insight moving forward.

Linking an article I thought did a good job comparing these two main state management contenders, both in concept and in code snippets.

Redux vs MobX: Which Is Best for Your Project?

The Conclusion:

'Clearly, you can see that MobX’s code base is far much leaner. Using OOP style and good development practices, you can rapidly build applications. The major downside is that it’s very easy to write poor, unmaintainable code.

Redux, on the other hand, is more popular and well suited for building large and complex projects. It’s a strict framework with safeguards ensuring every developer writes code that’s easy to test and maintain. However, it’s not well suited to small projects.'

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