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re: Pushing an image to Dockerhub makes it available in a wider variety of contexts because other sources can pull it down. Later in this series I'm go...

But if I use docker hub to build my images, other sources can pull it down too right? Or am I wrong about that? :s
I'm talking about this:

Oh, I completely misunderstood your comment. Sorry!

There's no reason you couldn't build an image from a github or bitbucket repository, but part of the point of this tutorial is to introduce Dockerhub as a concept, and this is a simpler, more isolated experience, in my opinion. If you are already using Docker and building images from a source control integration, you're probably more advanced than the target audience for this tutorial :)

Additionally, it seemed a bit complicated to add another integration into this tutorial. It would have gotten overly long. But Using docker hub to build images from an external repository makes a lot of sense, especially if you anticipate the code changing a lot. Both are valid ways to go about things.

Thanks! I know docker hub, but a Dockerfile I need to look up everything, so I'm not that advanced :)

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