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Facebook vision of the metaverse is broken. Here is why.

Decentralization could prevent the metaverse of Meta to be another data black hole.

Reminder: the metaverse is not about VR/AR

The metaverse is a set of data and rules that we, creators, have defined as a whole, living universe.

The VR/AR hardware is just a medium to get into this new universe.

Mixing the realities

From the presentation video

« The next platform and medium will be even more immersive »
« you will be able [to do] new categories [of activities] that don’t really fit how we think about computers or phones today »

Meta wants to mix the two realities at a point that we win't distinguish anymore the boundaries. This sounds cool at first, but it would also get down our psychological barriers and our behaviors could be the same between our two worlds. And that is the point of non return.

Our behaviors are dependent of the context. You don't act at school, job as you act as home. You don't act behind your screen on social network like you do in real life.
You can choose how to behave because you are aware of where you are. If you think I am wrong, I would suggest to remember the last time you though if you were dreaming or not. Also, for those who have done some Live Action Role Playing on a long period, do you see what I mean? This sentiment where you foam sword in made of real steal?
One of the most amazing human capacity is to adapt to context. And this could be a great opportunity for a mad king of the world.

Who owns the metaverse?

Image description

I don't want to live a world where someone else makes the world a better place better than we do.

My point is the sanity of the metaverse will depend on who will own it. Do you think Meta will do a decentralized metaverse ? As they said they are building the "next internet". Except the internet, at least at start, is owned by all of us.
Who will prevent them to gather data one more time to "connect people"? It will be their world which will runs their rules.

The biggest opportunity for Meta is your data

Think Facebook as a metaverse. After all, you have already your identity in the Facebook world, work, learn chat, and buy things.
Their goal is too own the maximum data on user to fuel their business model. Now, they can only collect raw data from your keyboard/mouse/touchscreen when you interact on their site.
With just those data, remember all the scandals.

On the opposite, think of a decentralized metaverse with basic rules about privacy and ownership which will prevent any one to take the control. Yes, a bit what decentralized blockchain bring to us.
You will own your data. You will keep your rights. No one will watch your data without your direct permission. Because the code, the rules, the data is owned by all of us.
In a world like this, I think even the fortune of Meta would not but a day of this available data. They won't have any power anymore.

Mark please, fix it.

On the other hand, I agree with a lot with Zuckerberg.
I strongly believe that it will continue to be a new hub to connect people across the world.
I strongly believe that it will continue to be a game changer for the vision of the humanity.

We can test thing that is impossible IRL, a new world economic, new ressource sharing, new education...

We can build a new world, without redo the mistakes of the old and real one.
If someone as Mark can pave the way to an open metaverse by helping on the tech and infrastructure, it will really be, a new world.

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