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Chris Bongers
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Chrome Lighthouse Report

Let's say you made your first or another website. Of course, we want to make sure we made an accessible and fast website.
We can do a basic audit with Lighthouse inside of Chrome!

We can test for the following categories in Lighthouse:

  • Performance
  • Progressive Web App
  • Best practices
  • Accessibility
  • SEO

How to Launch Lighthouse in Chrome

To open Lighthouse we can right-click on the webpage and click the Inspect button.
This will open de Developer tools. Now click the Lighthouse tab.

You can also use `View > Developer > Developer Tools

Running a Lighthouse Audit in Chrome

To run the audit, we can select the categories we want to test for and click the generate report button.

We then get a full report with tips on what we can improve.

The tips we get usually have links for more details on what google writes on it now (these do change).

Tips for Making Your Site Faster

Some general tips I've learned over the years

  • Compress your images ImageOptim
  • Make less CSS Request (Rather have one or a few stylesheets instead of multiple)
  • Make Less JavaScript request (Same as above)
  • Leverage Browser Caching GtMetrix
  • Don't overdue on fonts loading (Use one/two external fonts)

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