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Chris Bongers
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Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) for automated Mobile security testing

Security in technology is a big thing, and for a reason. Up till June 2021, there are already 9.8 million records breached.

Scary thoughts, right? That is one reason people put a lot of effort into securing their applications.

With this, we can't forget our mobile applications. Seeing as they have become such a prominent element in our day-to-day lives, we need to make sure our user's data is secured.

In this article, we'll look at the risk we have while building a mobile application, as well as some basic steps we can take to protect our application. And last but not least, a mobile security framework called MobSF that can help us by doing a lot of checks in the background and make our applications more secure.

Before we get into ways to get started with mobile security, let's look at what kind of breaches we should be worried about when we talk about mobile security.

Mobile security risks

With mobile breaches, we can talk about a wide range of issues that come with it. Below, I'll explain some of the problems at hand and what they mean for your end-user.

Customer information

A common risk is the theft of your user's data. Data is often breached by extracting database or login information. Which in turn is not good! Common laws in place to protect customer data once should be on their a-game when securing this data.

Also, be aware that customer information can be several things, meaning a link between systems or basic contact details. Please don't neglect the fact that it's valuable for hackers to know the link between your website and, for instance, a social media account.

Financial information

Perhaps one of the worst ones is financial information. This includes payment hijacking and the theft of credit card information—something no one ever wants to experience.

IP Theft

Imagine having a popular app, but it's not available in the stores, only via own downloads. Someone with bad intentions might put an infected copy on the stores to retrieve data using your name and application status!

Brand confidence

As the app builder and owner, you will lose brand confidence when security breaches are reported. Imagine if it turns out some website lost all your data. Indeed you are worried about ever using it again.

For me, this is really important and often not thought about enough. Data theft is one thing, but how does your app or company revolver as a brand from this.

You might have seen the news about Facebook or Netflix having security issues; how do you personally feel about this? I always try and reflect and see how I would feel about this.

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