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Chris Bongers
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What I learned from these 4 legends during the Hashnode bootcamp

I was fortunate enough the be selected as a participant in the Hashnode Bootcamp v1.

This Bootcamp consisted of four awesome speakers who each had their own topic and assignments for us to create.

I wanted to reflect on this Bootcamp and write down my learnings and key takeaways.

Quality over Quantity

If you are reading my blogs, you will know I produce content every day, which is hard.

Not just from a writing perspective but from making it worthwhile and good content.

During the Bootcamp, I've learned to re-read my articles as a reader and see if it still makes sense.

Finding a niche

This is one; I'm really not good at. I don't want to limit myself to do what people expect. I want to write about my day-to-day learnings.

And during the Bootcamp, I've learned this is my strength.
My niche sort of speak is writing small, understandable objectives one can learn from.

Write consistent

This one I was already doing, but after the Bootcamp, I've taken some time and made a long term plan for myself.

Before I was writing for the next day, nowadays there is about a week of work upfront.

With consistency, we don't mean every day, but one specific period you feel comfortable with.

This can be every Tuesday, every first Friday of the month, or even every quarter.

It's really about you being comfortable publishing on these times.

Finding ideas

Another great one and golden egg; How to find ideas to blog about?

I already wrote a cool article about this topic, but the Bootcamp gave me some extra insights on how these amazing writers do it.

It comes down to writing about your learning, don't take for granted you already know something.

There are many people out there that are still learning something, and you could be the person to help them achieve this.

Tell about yourself

This was probably my biggest learning point, I did not have an about page, my blog was called Daily Dev Tips, and nobody knew who I was.

Victoria gave a good understanding of this topic and had us create an about page.

I also learned people like the human aspect over the anonymous blogger.

You are not alone

This was not really a point from the speakers, but from the Hashnode team, every assignment we were able to provide a draft article which they proof-read for us.

And I think this is a very important step as bloggers, find people you can resonate with.

Have them read your articles and see what they think about them.

Don't stop improving

That you already wrote your article is cool, but it doesn't mean it's done forever.

Reflect on your article after a while, make it better, update references and so on!


I wish to thank these four absolute legends! Catalin Pit, Omotola Shogunle, Tapas Adhikary, and Victoria Lo.

As well as the Hashnode team Sandeep Panda, Syed Fazle Rahman, and Edidiong Asikpo!

I've learned an immense amount from doing this Bootcamp


Still can't believe it, but I've been asked to be a speaker at V2 of the Bootcamp!

You can still subscribe to be part of this amazing opportunity.

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