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⚠️ Permission Changes in Recent Daily Update

We have recently pushed two updates on Daily — v2.14.5 and v2.14.6. One of them is a critical update and related to the cookies' permission change in Daily. It asks you to allow Daily to read cookies from and

There are two scenarios to this update:

Auto Update of extensions is

  1. Enabled
  2. Disabled

In the first case, your browser will update the extension to the latest version automatically and disable it temporarily. It will ask you for the latest permissions. A notification icon (⚠️) icon will appear on the menu (in case of Chrome — similarly it asks for permissions on update in Firefox).

When you click on the icon, it shows the permissions required. Click on the Accept Permissions button to give the permissions. Check out the GIF.

Accepting Permissions GIF

In case if your extension is not automatically updated or you are having issues with the update, please take a look at this guide. After that give permissions to enable the extension.

If you still face any issues, feel free to reach out to us! ✌️

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