I went from PHP to a Senior C#/.NET Dev in 2 years.

Derrick Koon on August 11, 2018

So, two and half years ago I was happily working for a University here in my home town. I was maintaining their massive Wordpress based website a... [Read Full]
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Well i kinda had the same experiance, im a 4 years old PHP Developer now and i decided to learn Go because it does the job php does but better and faster, when i sent my CV i said i was applying for PHP Job but they seen the "Go" line and asked me to work in Go, i was like "but i've way better experiance with PHP" and didn't want to say that i was new to Go like i literally had only 1 program which was some accounts checker program (which was actually good, i even made a Gui and a proxy option haha), but at the end it was super easy to adapt, i ended up writing super professional go codes just after reading a book (the book is "the way to go" the best golang book in my opinion)


Hello Derrick, I'm glad I read your article and knowing that it's okay/normal to feel overwhelmed when you move to another programming language, you mention buying and reading some books, which ones do you recommend for getting into C#/Asp.net from beginners to experts? Thanks.


Well I ended up buying several books over the course of two years but the biggest ones for getting started were these two.



The first is actually the Wrox study guide for the MSCD exam.. But the book is laid out excellently and the examples are all top notch. The second one brings the Gang of Four design patterns into the C# realm and makes them easier to understand.


I might do the same..I love PHP, but most of the "serious" companies work with .NET, especially Banks, which offer amazing careers.

It's funny, I was just thinking about this today then I see your article! I am assuming it wouldn't be that much hard to transition to C# after PHP.

Also, I will count on you, Derrick, to help me out! :D


Anytime, but I will warn you that it's not easy by any stretch.. But I had so many people lend me a hand that giving back is definitely something I am willing to do.


Thanks for sharing! Trying something similar with PHP -> Java. I've been heavily focusing on improving general OOP skills and techniques. Counting on it to help my own the way.


Well good luck, the main thing I found difficult was the need to create more formal code structures such as those in OOP and FP such as design pattern methodologies.. Take a look at the Gang of Four book to have your mind blown then look at the Daily Designs Pattern by Matthew P Jones, it really helped make it stick.


Thanks for sharing. I'm curious in this context what is a "Senior Dev status" can you elaborate?



Yeah weird title eh? In my case I am referring to being the one with the most contextual knowledge in my subject.

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