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Share The Gems You Love With RailsGems

Have you ever wondered what gems other developers like to use? What about your favorite Rails developers, what gems do they like? I sure have!

That's why I built, an easy way to discover new gems, and share the gems you love.

You can browse gems sorted by the most liked. Or you can browse devs seeing the number of mutual gems you both like.

Getting started is easy, you can sign in via GitHub, or can create an account by email. Afterwards, just click the like button to start building a list of your favorite gems.

There are other sites out there like and, which are great for seeing statistics about gems like number of downloads, number of stars, etc.

However what makes different, is the ability to like gems and see related gems between you and other developers. Maybe you both like devise for authentication, but they prefer pundit where as you like cancancan for authorization.

I think you can gain some interesting insights here, and perhaps seeing these similar vs different gems might make you consider other options on your next project.

The project is open source, was scaffolded using Rails Blueprint, and build using Hotwire. If you have any feedback or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you!

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