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#100DaysOfCloud | Day 7

Forever learning | Began cloud journey in 2020.
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What Did I Learn -

When Developing a Lambda function, the default version is $LATEST and you can create versions of your function, however when you create a version it becomes immutable. You can also create Alias's for your functions, for example Prod and Dev. You can assign either one Version to your alias, or similar to a weighted target group for an ALB, you can set a percentage for certain versions, this however, is not able to work with $LATEST. When using an Alias and $LATEST you can just use the one version. I also found that Step functions are generated in JSON format, you know I did want to do everything in YAML, but I see now that may not be as possible as I previously hoped. Step functions automatically trigger and track each step along with create logs for each step. We also went over the fact that X-Ray integrates with ELB, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, EC2, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I also learned you can import swagger files to API Gateway and that Amazon's default API Requests per sec are 10k and max concurrent requests is 5k across your account. If you bypass either of these you get a 429 Too Many Request error.

What Did I Do -

Made an Alexa skill, so this was a simple skill, we got an audio file from Text-to-speech from Amazon Polly, Synthesized to an S3 bucket. We then went to AWS Lambda, under AWS Serverless App Repo we selected alexa-skills-kit-nodejs-factskill and deployed it. We selected and copied the ARN at the top of our alexaskill repo page. We made sure we were signed in on amazondeveloper page and selected Alexa. Named our app and chose Fact skill as a template, we made our invocation "testing" and went to endpoint and input our lambda ARN endpoint, and for Intents field for Utterances we just added testing again. Now to add our audio source from Amazon Polly we go back to Lambda, edit our serverless App repo template, we create a new dictionary value for our input and add <audio src=\"\" /> I have completed this lab before but it is always fun playing around with Alexa skills, almost tempts me to go for the Alexa Specialty, but that is preferably after I gain the AWS Dev Associate as well as the Sec Specialty.

For Tomorrow -

We are onward to DynamoDB, Amazon's best database ever (Glory to DynamoDB).

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