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#100DaysOfCloud | Day 10

Forever learning | Began cloud journey in 2020.
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What Did I Learn -

In an SQS environment I can configure an EC2 auto scaling group to work along side the messaging queue based on how many messages are in the queue. SQS is pull based used to decouple components. SNS is push based and is able to send messages either by SMS, email, SQS, or HTTP. SES is scale-able and designed for marketing email notifications, can be sent to an S3 bucket. For Elastic Beanstalk there are 4 deployments, all at once, which everything is updated at once and instances are out of service while update is taking place, rolling, where each batch of instances is taken out while the deployment happens, rolling with additional batches, where elastic beanstalk launches additional batch of instances, deploys new version in batches, no down time for performance needed applications.

What Did I Do -

We created a Kinesis stream, for this we will head to CloudFormation > Create a new stack, then specify the template URL as then we name the stack then create the stack. We head to EC2 and we can see the instance that was generated, then we head to Kinesis, and streams and we can see our shards that were generated, then head to DynamoDB and tables and you can see our Kinesis stream that was generated. Then immutable deployment updates, where whole new instances across the board are created in new ASG, when new instances pass checks then they are moved to existing ASG and old instances removed.

For Tomorrow -

Tomorrow we are going over Dev theory with CICD with CodeDeploy

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