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Info on which Web Framework to use for a small BE/FE web project

Hi, I am mainly a php backend developer (using Laravel and Symfony), I'd like to build a couple small project with these features:

  • social login
  • database interaction
  • FE is mainly an intro page, login/logout/profile functionality, and a logged page with a form and little more
  • BE needs just to make some basic CRUD operations from a logged user

I can easily do this using Laravel and Bootstrap but I was wondering if there is something that could allow me to develop it even faster - I'm thinking of some scaffolded framework (analogue to a JetStream Laravel app) that already provides those features out of the box.

Ideally the frontend would be modern looking but without me having to learn some JS library from scratch - I was looking to Tailwind and I like it, only I cannot for the life of me make layouts as easily as bootstrap columns.

As you guessed, I cannot dedicate much time to these projects...that's why I was searching for somethiing that would yeald me an MVP after a few hours of programming, without frustration...

Do you have experience of something like this?

Searching for "Web frameworks" or similar keeps returning useless blog posts with the same useless list of things (take this for ex.: "6 javascript framework for 2021: react,node.js, bootstrap,jquery, angular, backbone". Come on...). Ideally something I can deploy easily with docker.

Google Firebase is intriguing me but I cannot understand how to actually build something using those services 😅

Thanks a lot!

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