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The World Of Product Managers(PM)

Product Managers basically manage a product through its lifetime.PM's do different things depending on the type of company but I'm going to talk about PM's in a tech-related company.

So, basically I was in a tech company recently and I heard the word Product Managers and I was like..... what's that. I reached out to one of the PM's to ask what it was all about and what they actually do especially in a tech-related company.

A PM in a tech-related company works like this: For example, company A approaches with a banking app idea. Product Managers look into the requirement and flow they come up with users stories, do more research on banking apps and look at best ideas, they analyze the user stories and ideas from other sources, then join these ideas together and create a full feature list.
Next, are the app flow and design process, architecture diagram and sketches(wireframes). At this point a proposal is set and sent to company A, pitch the idea and get feedback on their requirement.
After a successful delivery and company A is okay with the requirement, PM's develop mock-ups and prototype then straight to the coding phase this where the developers/programmers come into place. Product Managers still write tickets(issues), plan spirits, remove blockers for the developers and also decide which features are built first.

Product Managers are in various capacities like :

  • Managing all stakeholders of the product(client, developer, QA, sales team and finance, etc)
  • Detailed requirement gathering and business analysis
  • Ideas generation and problem-solving
  • Removing blockers for stakeholders involved
  • Planning and deciding the life cycle of the product
  • Testing the product( if there is no software Quality Assurance)

And a lot of other silent activities. Product Managers are more than this but this majorly the core things of what's done

In tech, PM's are of various types:

  • Design-Oriented Product Managers
  • Data-Oriented Product Managers
  • Developer-Oriented Product Managers

The day-to-day work of a PM is time-consuming between brainstorming new features, doing customer interviews, working with various internal/external stakeholders trying to create a go-to-market plan.

If you find that the features your team is building aren't successful for some reasons you should probably hire a dedicated PM.
A good PM decides what a company needs to build next and also creates a desired outcome and more company's product closer to its vision


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