How to GET data from an API in React JS

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Hello everyone today I’m going to show you how to implement HTTP GET action of any API inside a React JS application. For this, we use fetch() function.

Here the input parameter passed for the fetch function is an API URL. And the response from API is a JSON type response.We can set the response data to a state variable using this.setState({ }) .Here I have used sensors array list to store the data comming from fetch() method.

The structure of the fetch function is as follows,

import React , {Component} from 'react';
class App extends Component {

state = {
loading: true,
sensors: null,
componentDidMount() {
.then((response) => {
return response.json();
.then((data) => {
sensors: data,
loading: false

Let us come to the rendering part of the component in index.html,

Here we can add a loading screen using another Boolean state variable (this.state.loading) which is displayed until data is been fetched from the API as follows,

*Note: Here I have used bootstrap 4 for the project.If you don’t use bootstrap css, remove << className={“”} >> attributes in

tags or Instead use only pure tags and test.

render() {
if (this.state.loading) { //this content is displayed when (loading == true)
return (

            <div className={"row mt-4 justify-content-center"}>
                <div className="spinner-border" role="status"></div>

            <div className={"row mt-4 justify-content-center"}>
                <h1>Fetching data...please wait</h1>


return (

{this.state.sensors.map((value) =&gt; {

    return (

               <h5>Sid: {value.sid} </h5>
               <h4>Co2 Level: {value.co2Level}</h4>

               <h4>Smoke Level: {value.smokeLevel}</h4>
               <h5>Floor No: {value.floorNo}</h5>
               <h5>Room No: {value.roomNo}</h5>





I hope now you are clear about the fetch function and its implementation. If you have any questions please comment below. Stay connected with our blog for more posts like this.

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