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How wakatime motivates me to stay productive

For those of you who don't know, wakatime is a plugin that can be integrated into an IDE (or browser) to keep track of how much time you spend coding, as well as showing time spent for different languages and projects. I use it on all my IDEs such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and others which I use on a daily basis.

Wakatime gives me the satisfaction of getting to see and measure how productive I was during the day or the whole week (could be even the month or longer). It truly feels great and fulfilling to see how focused and "in the flow" I really was throughout the work week.

For anyone interested I really recommend using Wakatime, it is free and very simple and it supports many IDEs, editors and integrations.

I also have set up a very cool github profile readme using a GitHub action provided by avinal, you can check mine out on my github profile dimitrov-d

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Viral Vaghela

thanks for sharing