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Thanks Thomas for the post~ 👍

The result is amazing (and pretty 🙂).
I never knew so many events can be fired and be handled.

This post and the CodeSandbox demo gave me a pretty good idea what event to throttle/debounce.

And you might also want to give @codesandbox a tweet with the Sandbox link to be picked on CodeSandbox Explore page (Refer to doc on how to get picked ->


Wow, thanks for your response Sung! Really appreciate it :)

Very curious what you're going to build. I'll definitely tweet codesandbox too!


I've never dived deep into Synthetic events as it was more of trial & error for using them.

You can see a site I built there in the Explore page (search for bunpkg 🙂)

Very cool! It's always nice if you can use your keyboard to navigate lists :)

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