Shaving the Yak

Sung M. Kim on April 14, 2018

I learned a new term, Shaving the Yak today. This has come to me as a such a surprise that I'd like to share it. What does "Yak Shaving... [Read Full]
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i can't fault you, though! as a newcomer to .net core myself, it's so fascinating to run off into a new path.. for me its: what new JS framework!? non relational dbs??? hot new cross-platform mobile options?!!

the hard part is sticking to fundamentals and building that base.. stop shaving the yak? :)


the hard part is sticking to fundamentals and building that base.

I totally agree with you 👍.

I believe Kyle Simpson mentioned that you have to build your fundamental skills before diving into JS frameworks (forgot where he said it) as having a solid JavaScript fundamental concept would prepare you to learn myriads of frameworks easily.


There's a version of the "Yak Shaving" explanation involving woolly jumpers, but it seemed to be missing from the internet, so I just blogged about it here:


That was fun to read, Harry.
A jumper ... to shaving a yak.

The steps leading to shaving a yak sounds probable 😆.

And that video is a bit too trippy for my taste, as well 😅.


This reminds me of one of my favorite stories, that of Donald Knuth and his infamous series of books. TL,DR, he invented TeX just to typeset his own books, as well as all the little pieces that went into TeX and typesetting his books, such as a font and layout algorithm. The whole story is amazing.


Wow. The story is quite interesting.
Yak Shaving has its benefits to the world after all if done well as Donald Knuth did :)

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