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Very nice article!
I was trying to do a similar setup and also ran into a problem with dependencies startup.
I still didn't have time but its worth looking into dockers health check feature
Looks like exactly what we need.
Maybe thats the next blog post?


In version 2.1 of docker compose, there was a condition option on the depends_on which was removed on version 3.

The 3.0 version states:

β€œVersion 3 no longer supports the condition form of depends_on.β€œ

And points again to

So I think we are out of luck right now, but let me if you find a sensible way!


That is what Docker Compose v2.1 was using on the condition option on the depends_on, and that is what Docker Compose v3 removed.

Of course, I may be wrong, so by all means please investigate and let me know!

i think you're right about depends_on but we might be lucky with healthcheck:
(this will only tell us an indication if the container is healthy or not).
here's an example to try (docker not docker-compose):

also, i was trying to find depends_on with v3 out there in the wild and found this example:

so i must say i'm confused.
i hope i'll have the time to play with it myself soon to figure it out

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