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Angular Developers: How Much Do They Earn?

If you’re running a company with some digital content in it, at some point, you may need to build scalable mobile and web applications. Angular is one of the frameworks that can power those solutions and satisfy your requirements.

However, hiring a software developer is the major object of expenditure. Therefore, it is important to choose the best price-value ratio without sacrificing the quality.

With that said, we have prepared an Angular developer salary research for you to keep tabs on the current remuneration trends. Here, we’ll take you on a tour around the eight major tech hubs to determine main salary patterns.

Angular Developer Salary Rates Across The Globe

The coding field is continuing its inexorable rise in both salary and job volume. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports, from 2016 to 2026, the employment of programmers is expected to increase 24%, adding over 300k jobs, which hits the record for all occupations.

However, average salaries for developers and Angular coders, in particular, vary greatly by location.

Asia is a technological force worth considering. Specifically, this destination is known for providing talented Angular specialists for high-flying enterprises and SMEs. Let’s run the numbers based on the region.

On average, an entry-level Angular coder in Bangalore earns $4,680 per year. At the same time, an experienced developer raises the rates to $6,630 for mid-level and $$9,533 for senior talent. Overall, this destination is popular with foreign companies due to a huge talent pool and low compensation rates.

If we shift our gaze to Southeast Asia, we’ll see the Philippines with its top hiring hubs of Makati, Cebu City, Quezon City, and Manila. In Manila, fresh software engineers can expect to get around $7,800-$9,000 per year, while Angular professionals with over 3 years of know-how may get paid as much as $16,800-$24,000.

Now let’s make a little pit stop in the Land Down Under. Australia's leading and emerging tech sector accounts for the top Angular workforce and vibrant IT infrastructure. However, not all companies can foot the bill for hiring local developers. An average salary of a junior-level Angular coder in Melbourne equals $38,400-$45,120. But if you’re looking for more experienced personnel, you’ll have to fork out as much as $76,800-$90,931 per year.

Eastern Europe
Although this region is rife with hotspots of global outsourcing talent, we’ll break down the two main IT locations.

Ukraine has become one of the most popular hiring locations where businesses across Europe, Asia, and North America go for developers of all kinds and paths. As the data from Djinni,, and Jooble suggests, Kyiv and Lviv are the most well-paid locations in the country. An average Angular coder wage in Kyiv lies in the range of $9,120-$12,392 for beginner positions to $27,000-$42,000 for well-experienced personnel.

Poland is home to one of the largest tech talent pools and affordable hiring costs. Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, and Wroclaw boast the largest IT candidate base. In Warsaw, the annual rate equals $17,280-$24,480 (junior) and $37,512-$53,208 for high-level positions.

Western Europe
Western Europe has established its reputation as a tech haven a long time ago. Local IT meccas such as the UK and Sweden never fail to regain their place at the top table. Let’s have a closer look at these destinations.

The UK technology sector fuels the country’s economy on par with established industries like manufacturing and construction. Also, the maturity of its IT industry puts the United Kingdom in a favorable position to reimagine its role on the global stage post-Covid.

As for the Angular coder salaries, its key hiring hubs are among the well-paid job markets. According to Glassdoor and Indeed, the average salary of an entry-level Angular developer in the UK is $33,825 to $46,740 per year. The salary for mid- and senior-level positions starts at $66,830-$89,790.

It’s a lesser-known fact that there's a whole country that's more disruptive in the IT field than you may think. And we’re talking about the land of IKEA, Spotify, and Skype - Sweden. We can safely say that Swedish salaries of Angular coders are significantly higher than in most countries. In Oslo, a newly-minted programmer earns around $14,160-$51,450 per annum. Senior and mid-level specialists make $90,000+ per year.

Let’s top off our journey with the country that boasts a vibrant tech infrastructure and rules the roost in the software world. Angular coder yearly pay in the USA varies broadly across the states. New York-based programmers request around $76,800 and $101,760 for junior level, while high-level coders make $124,800 to $157,440.

In Los Angeles, tech specialists get between $76,800 (entry-level) to $144,000 (senior level), while in Chicago, a junior front-end Angular developer receives compensation of $80,640. The remuneration is notably higher when it comes to hiring a senior-level talent - the number equals $138,240 per year.

The Takeaway
According to our research, India and the Philippines have the lowest earning potential. At the same time, Angular developers in Australia, UK, Sweden, and the US raise the bar to the highest numbers in the world. If you’re seeking the golden middle way, Ukraine and Poland will meet your technical and financial objectives.

Overall, the average yearly salary varies significantly in each region. While guesstimating the future costs, you should take heed of the developer’s experience, soft skills, and time frame. Among the major cost drivers are also the technology and complexity of your project.

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