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The Python and Django conferences you don't want to miss in 2022

Quick reminder for those, who would like to broaden their horizons: there is “PyCon DE Berlin 2022 ” coming up already next week!

As an invited speaker I will cover three topics there:

  1. On Monday 11.04. at 16:20, lightning talk about „Django ModelAdmin Singleton Problem“
    Django ModelAdmin Singleton Problem
    In this talk I will briefly describe the main problems of the ModelAmin class from the
    Django.contrib.admin.options module and solve this problem once and for all in 4 lines of code, summed up by the additional benefits of this solution.

  2. Followed by "Django ModelAdmin autoregister on AdminSite" lightning talk on Tuesday April 12, 2022 at 16:20.
    Django ModelAdmin autoregister on AdminSite
    In this talk I'm going to present the ModelAmin autoregister on
    AdminSite from Django.contrib.admin.sites module and how that should have been done originally. Alas, it's not implemented in django yet. I'll fix that in 5 lines of code. I will show you
    how this solution will simplify code development, reduce the number of imports, and help you avoid possible circular dependencies.

  3. On wednesday April 13 at 11:00 am, I will have a 30 minutes presentation named “Easy Python: lies, damned lies, and metaclasses”.
    Easy Python: lies
    Here I describe the python's suitability for large projects (spoiler alert), bring up "software complexity problem" and talk about the many levels of abstraction that python has inbox. I will as well talk about how those abstraction levels can
    both help and hinder large python projects.
    I would appreciate you joining the discussion and sharing your opinion on these topics.

If you for some reason miss that one, the next conference is coming in September: DjangoCon Europe 2022 in Portugal.

I will make some expert talks and workshops there as well, including talk and workshop:
“Hidden Gems in Django.Contrib.Admin”, about effective Django SiteAdmin.

Hidden Gems in Django.Contrib.Admin

I'll unfold the hidden power of the django.contrib.admin module code, talk about it´s bugs in the code and of course some innovative fixing options.

The other planned talk and workshop is called “Creation of true Multilinguale Django Project”.

Creation of true Multilinguale Django Project

It's about creating a real multi-lingual Django project, its problems, architectural peculiarities and the difficulties of implementation. I will present a new version of the DJANGO-TOF library, which solves some of the essential problems.

In my opinion, expert talks at a Conference are not just the best way to present new ideas, but also the most efficient way to learn new things. It will be my pleasure to answer your questions and exchange opinions after the talks. Feel free to approach and contact me there and...

See you soon!

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