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This is an awesome idea. I released the first version of my site last night, so timing couldn't be better. I wouldn't call myself a dev, but I appreciate your consideration/review! Here's my site:

Specifically, I'd like feedback on:

  • I have multiple ideas in one place(portfolio, podcast, blog). Is this too confusing?
    • general feedback



I love this! So unique!

  • I may speed up the animation a smidge so that people can see content fast.
  • The layout is 🔥 and I love your bio -- so great. I would make the font size for your bio larger so it really catches the eye!
  • I would add spacing between the contact and resume buttons (just a few pixels)
  • I think the skills section looks great, but I'm not sure if the graphs mean much, I would maybe just put experience first, or quantify the skills with projects a little more.
  • I would add a concrete heigh to the passions cards so that they are all equal in height
  • I would increase the font sizes through out -- just easier to read!

I love this site, so unique, and really shows off all your projects in a quick look!


Woo! Thanks for checking it out. And for the compliments. Your suggestions make a lot of sense. I've already made the smaller adjustment edits (animation speed, font size, cards height), and will work on another way to communicate skills besides just the bar chart.

Again, I appreciate your consideration :)

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