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re: What does "not academic" even mean?

Go/Erlang/Clojure come from the industry as a reaction to specific pain points from "real production systems".


And you are holding that erlang's immutability or functional paradigms for ex are not linked to academia because they are supposed to address "real production systems" issues?
I think it is an artificial distinction. For example elm is heavily based on all you would categorize as "academic" but its intent is to address real issues in client side development.
How can one separate these 2?

Sorry, I do not mean that.

Academia is extremely important and should be a source of inspiration to the industry.

In fact Curry On is one of my favourite conferences: "Academia and industry need to have a talk."

Experimentation is key to advance the state of the art, but do you want experimental programming features in your production code? Brian Goetz, one of the Java Language architects explains it better here

I always had the impression that in an ideal world programming would mean some kind of 1-to-1 relationship with discovered principles of math and nature rather than invented languages based on invented principles. Something closer to ideals that are inherently perfect from logic rather than inherently flawed human constructs (not that they are not pragmatic).
In any case, thanks for the resource!

That is the most beautiful thought that I have read in a long time.

Thanks for sharing!

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