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What materials are needed to launch an open source project?

Hey everyone,

I'm preparing to open source several 3D live streaming tools and I don't really know what materials I should prepare for the "launch".

Do I need anything outside of the github repo and an associated discord channel? I see most open source projects out there have a ton of material like a logo/website/web tutorials etc.

Here is the repo without the code. Any/All feedback is appreciated!


The project is a new file format and a series of tools for live streaming 3D generated media to standalone VR/AR headsets. You can see an example here that works on your computer/phone

There are about 6 repositories I plan to open source that are accompanied with the project. My plan is to release the core part of the project that people can build off of first, then open source the other tools in separate repositories over the next few months(There is plenty of code to cleanup in the other repos).

I've been jamming on this project for almost a year now so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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