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Another build system for Cpp

dannypsnl profile image 林子篆 Updated on ・1 min read

I think scripting tool like CMake is too complex for the most C++ project, so I create a project called: Cdog.

Here is link cdog.

I would like to know does it useful?

How to use:

  1. create a project dir. mkdir hello && cd hello
  2. create a sub dir src mkdir src
  3. create a config file called cdog.toml & type following message into it
  src = "src" # source
  bin = "build" # output dir
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  1. At dir hello execute cdog build

That's all.

Option src will become include dir. So you can #include "add.h" if you have a add.h under your source dir. If you have under the same path, Cdog will try to compile it & add the objectfile into final binary.

Compile result will appear at option bin's setting.

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