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I am a programming language theory lover; good at system software like Networking, OS.


Kaohsiung Medical University

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Hindley-Milner type system: Incrementally build way & Make new language in Racket


gRPC quick start in Go

A short answer is it's possible, but that also means you ar...

NOTE: simply typed lambda calculus

Unfortunately, this kind of article with so many latex symb...

🤑🥳😎Going down the youtube tech guru hole or how you can spot scam artists

I also feel not good with such courses but on the other han...

Get Started Writing Scheme

Just take a look at awesome-racket,

NOTE: bounded polymorphism

forgot that MathJax expression xd. Did anyone know how to u...

Phabricator is Phabulous

really cool, thanks for sharing.

When is nesting good or neutral?

A few cases, sometimes we cannot extract out a function bec...

What Does C++ Do That Rust Doesn't?

If really have to let me complain Rust, then that would be ...

Reflection on Working effectively with legacy code — Part I

That' ok XD, I only care about production code has tested. ...

Kubernetes Networking: concept and overview from underlying perspective

Oh my, I did not talk about flannel or others CNI, actually...

A simple way to ensure interface won’t be implemented accidently

Do you read the whole sentence? I say it's a bug since... I...

A simple way to ensure interface won’t be implemented accidently

Few reasons why I don't show that: as you say, gofmt woul...

Test LLVM Go binding in travis

Strongly recommend for golang llvm use...

gRPC quick start in Go

Good to hear that; yes, better to using context if you wan...

gRPC quick start in Go

Not sure what happened on your computer, could you provide ...

Stop panic-ing ! Start debugging 10x faster with static analysis

The tool is so excellent! Thanks for sharing.

gRPC proxy: approach & pain

I think the services map is too hard to understand, in gRPC...

A lightweight web framework for Go

That's my fault, I know a library would be better for combi...

A lightweight web framework for Go

I think the target is you can say what you want in the stru...

It's Been Three Months Since My First Go LoC 🤓 🎓

You can use pointer so missing value would be nil

Testing in Go

My fault, should write more complete info XD

How long have you been programming?

From 2015, at college.

Error is Value

I made some explain at error wrapper gist

Error is Value

Maybe I should write something about reflect?

Async programming basics every JS developer should know

Well done!

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