re: How did you get out of the habit of copying/pasting code? VIEW POST

re: I removed the Ctrl+V key. Seriously though, copy/pasting code does not save time unless the thing you create is to be used once and thrown away. ...

... be used once and thrown away.

May I know what you mean by the above statement?

I understand that quality is vital. I believe that the fastest way and ensuring that the software is functional first is more crucial especially when deadlines are due. But perhaps that's more of my newbie mindset kicking in. Still a lot to learn here :)


Prototypes, for example, are used once and thrown away. You use it to prove something is possible (or not), then you throw it away to make a actual solution. Other examples are code/scripts to perform a one-off automation of a task.

It is software which you are not going to maintain. Because it will no longer exist after it has been used.

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