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Help! How to upload files to S3

Hey all :) I am struggling with something and wondering whether somebody could help me.

I am trying to upload files to S3. I have watched several tutorials on it and am still having trouble, specifically:

Whether to upload from server-side or client? For this project, the cost is a priority and based on this article I am learning toward uploading client side. Is that the correct approach?

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Shravan Kumar B

The best approach would be storing the image from the Server side, rather than from the client side.
From the client side approach is not actually a good practice, as a lot of burden will be carried apart from client restrictions, you will have to handle all the cases from client side, which is a overhead.

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isotopeee • Edited

It's okay to upload from the client-side and you can still secure it by using Presigned URLs (, but you still have to create an endpoint that will be responsible for getting Presigned URLs from s3.

If you're open to using third-party libraries, try or

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Using firebase +/- firebase-admin should also be easy, as it is designed to not need a backend.

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Harry Zachariou

I would recommend, opening an API Gateway with lambda proxy, which you send the file to, which you can assign the correct permission policy to to upload to the S3 bucket.