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Experience of my first ever Hactoberfest.

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✨I came to know about Hacktoberfest through a seminar. Though I was hearing about this term a few weeks before the month of October started, I wasn't sure what exactly it is until I attended a particular seminar dedicated to opensource and the Hacktoberfest!
I felt really lucky to have known about this month-long celebration program on opensource. I was really keen to participate in the challenge. I only came to know about it on October 3rd, and I registered myself then and there!
For a week, I was just roaming about here and there in the opensource world as I didn't had much knowledge on making what is known as "Pull Requests". So, I was struggling for a few days. Finally, I made my first PR on the 6th of October, but it was marked as 'ineligible'. It took me 2 days to understand what "ineligible repository" meant in Hactoberfest!
Hence I started again! By this time, it was over 10th of October, and I was giving up hope that I could gain a T-shirt. But, I believed from the initial stage that even if due to some reasons I would not make it on time, I still wouldn't give up!
From staring only, I avoided making small changes and creating PRs just for the sake of the T-shirt. I wanted to learn! I wanted to learn the correct method of making PRs and contribute towards opensource. I never wanted to do it just for a T-shirt, I wanted to do it all for myself, and my learning curve.
Hence, as time passed by, I left the hope of getting a T-shirt, as I was still struggling to make just one eligible PR.
Since I wasn't getting much ahead, I decided to take help from the internet itself! I realized that there are many repositories in which PRs can be created easily, and they are not completely invalid also. Therefore, I started opening easy codes in my preferred programming language, and added them via PRs.
On 14th October 2020, I completed all my PRs that too in a single day, and they went into the review period. I was really happy that I was able to make it.
I have now completed the Hacktoberfest challenge, more of which, I gave to myself!
I look forward to contribute even more into this world of opensource.
This is not the end, it's just the beginning.


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