Isolated DEV environments on docker (moving away from cloud9)

Robin Kretzschmar on August 27, 2018

Moving from cloud9 (Cloud IDE with isolated containers) to a local solution I came across ICEcoder as a Browser IDE which I can host myself. TOC: ... [Read Full]
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When I saw DEV in all caps I thought this might have been about getting our repo running in a cloud IDE, which I would be very in favor of. 😋


Lemme see if I manage to get it working, then I'll post the Dockerfile for it :)


There's currently some work happening on the Docker front, I'm not super involved with that so I can't say exactly where things are with that.

In general, I really love the idea of eventually having the repo up and running in a web IDE. I think it could dramatically lower the barrier to entry.


Hi Robin, have you evaluated
A friend who loves Docker used it a lot


Hi Kalin, I did not hear of Eclipse Che before. Seems interesting to me, thanks for the link! Will build an image with it and try it out :)

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