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How to add the Jetpacks module page to your menus

David Artiss
Support Engineer at WordPress VIP
Originally published at ・1 min read

For those who use Jetpack regularly, you’ll probably appreciate that, in recent years, the old screen that listed all of the modules has disappeared, to be replaced by a series of tabbed settings screens. Which is great, except some of the modules aren’t included (including some of those which default as switched on).

The modules screen is still accessible but a link to it is tucked away at the bottom of the current settings screen.

So, I’ve created a quick (slightly hacky) script to add it to the main Jetpack menu.

Just add this code to your theme’s functions.php file and it should re-appear as a sub-menu under the primary Jetpack menu. Here it is, 4th one down, named “Modules”…

The only thing I’m aware of that doesn’t work 100% is that it doesn’t cause the main menu to open up once the new ‘Modules’ sub-menu is clicked on.

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