#Day1 of my "100daysofcode" challenge

dashingdaniel profile image Daniel ・1 min read

Day 1 of my "100daysofcode" challenge.

Hi, I hope everyone is doing great.

Just a quick update on my first day. Everything went great, the day was very productive, But I ended up spending a lot of time setting up things for programming.

I Spent 2 hours on learning and 1.5 hours on the actual programming. I decided to clone Instagram as a side project so that I could improve my skills in React.

These are the topics that I've completed learning today (Sounds basic)

On React Native

  • Flexbox
  • Use State hook
  • Basic overview of components and how to use them

On MongoDB

  • Setting up schema
  • Relational data and population with Mongoose
  • How to use methods and statics in Mongoose

I think this is probably the best decision that I've ever made with my career. Because after starting this challenge I find a lot of time to code and learn. I usually find excuses to skip something.


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