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Discussion on: Downsides of TypeScript?

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However, there are nuances:

  • another thing to learn: this should not be a negative thing, learning other approaches is basic for a good programmer.
  • the reward is for bigger projects: using create-react-app and lodash for example, any IntellIsense and documentation you have at that moment thanks to TS is already giving you something.

It has a learning curve (not much for the first steps if you already master JS) and you need to type more, but when you realize that you can spot a lot of bugs without having to start the whole project, go through documentation or internal class/component definitions, that's a big time saver.

At the end of the day TS allows you to write more understandable code that will be needed if you work with other people or even for yourself in the future.

My biggest gig with TS is that if you use TS with a poorly architected project, it can be a bigger mess than with JS.

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I agree with your counter-arguments for these certain points. They are definitely minor downsides for the great benefits that it gives, especially in the long run and in larger scale projects.

I will definitely keep this in mind and most likely will borrow your idea when people refuse to use TypeScript without good reason.