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24 Days of JavaScriptmas

I love Scrimba, Scrimba's my favorite!

In December 2020, Scrimba released an advent calendar with 24 different coding challenges. One new coding problem to solve every day before Christmas! I tried to solve each of them with as few characters as possible making the Advent Challenge extra fun.

Here are my 24 solutions...

DEC 1 Candies 20
DEC 2 Deposit Profit 65
DEC 3 Chunky Monkey 80
DEC 4 Century From Year 35
DEC 5 Reverse a String 48
DEC 6 Sort by Length 48
DEC 7 Count Vowel Consonant 66
DEC 8 The Rolling Dice 153
DEC 9 Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers 86
DEC 10 Adjacent Elements Product 69
DEC 11 Avoid Obstacles 63
DEC 12 Valid Time 55
DEC 13 Extract Each Kth 46
DEC 14 Maximal Adjacent Difference 88
DEC 15 JavaScript Carousel -
DEC 16 Insert Dashes 56
DEC 17 Different Symbols 47
DEC 18 Array Previous Less 59
DEC 19 Alphabet Subsequence 65
DEC 20 Domain Type 116
DEC 21 Sum of Two 44
DEC 22 Extract Matrix Column 41
DEC 23 Social Media Input -
DEC 24 Test Your Agility -

In case you haven't heard of it yet -- Scrimba is one of the best-kept secrets on the internet. It is a platform for teaching and learning how to code. Have you ever wished you could pause an online coding tutorial and start modifying the code to see what happens? Scrimba makes that possible.

P.S. Check out this 3D animated translucent dice rolling game I made on Day 8 of the Scrimba challenge (before doing a shorter version listed above in only 153 characters)!

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If you can find a shorter solution to any of the challenges please post a link to it here so I can check it out. Thanks!

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Dominic Myers

Not sure about shorter, but these are mine: