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Bad: "...but developers frequently have the added expectation that they are supposed to go home and work on passion projects or open source to keep their resumes competitive...." - This is not joke. 8 hrs at work, another 4 at home. Not just to be competitive, but to stay relevant.

Good: "... it can be hard to imagine that we ever debated the value and viability of open source software." Truth! So true that Microsoft is now THE largest open source contributor organization. Open Source is eating the world.

"...Dreamweaver, Flash and ColdFusion Studio..." 20 years later and ColdFusion is STILL in production...

"...the median individual income in the US, which is $31,099...." Wow, really? My first professional role was higher than that and I do not live in a tech hub. Nice!

Thank you for this Brain. If you are ever over in Tampa let me know. ;)

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