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Hello Nick. Nice setup. I use a similar setup @ work these days as well. WSL indeed has come a long way in the past couple of years. For video editing are you using Adobe Creative Cloud? I ask 'cause CC + OSX might be an alternative if you find yourself running up against the limitations of WSL.

Either way, nice video. I look forward to the next one.


I use Camtasia for video recording and editing, or OBS for streaming.

I don't want to switch to MacOS because IMO there's better gaming support with Windows and I like the idea of having 1 computer that I use for both work and gaming.

There's other neat bonuses of WSL too for development over MacOS, such as having a "real'ish" Linux environment. I deploy all of my apps onto Ubuntu 18.04 using Ansible, and that means I can reuse a lot of things to set up my WSL environment since I also run Ubuntu 18.04 in WSL.

I've gotten things set up now where I can run 1 Ansible command and everything about my WSL set up gets automatically configured and it only took about 10 lines of YAML since I was able to reuse everything I use for my production environment in terms of Ansible code.

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