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david_ojeda profile image David Ojeda ใƒป1 min read

Hey devs, I'm looking for recommendations on feature usage tracking software/libraries.

The solution should, at least, allow me to:

  • know how much a given feature is being used
  • know which users are using a given feature
  • let our business people navigate and exploit the information gathered
  • be implemented in both a web and Android app

So far I'm aware of two potential candidates: Feature Audit and Sales Machine. Feature Audit is still in beta, so still have to be accepted into it.

How do you track feature usage on your apps?


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I don't. I use the app and figure out what needs to be better that way.


But how do you know if people are actually using some feature? I can look around in our app and figure out things that can be improved, for sure. But I want to know what is being used and what not so we can find why and fix it.


In the browser we usually use Google Analytics to see what pages our users are on and for how long, not sure about apps however.


Hey David, depending on how much work you're looking to do, I think Segment might be a great tool for this. We're just starting to use it at thegymnasium.com, and it's already given us insight into user behaviors that weren't obvious at first.

The catch is that you'll need to plumb in event tracking for things you're interested in, but in that sense it is super customizable. We send our events to a data warehouse, which we then query with Tableau for some really insightful visualizations.

What's more, segment will also pipe your event tracking to [just about any other tool you use], so you can use it to integrate into Intercom/Mixpanel/Google Analytics/etc etc.

edit: Gah - I guess I should add that this isn't necessarily a free solution, depending on your needs (and the size of your audience). Still, if you're at a significant size, it may be worth the cost.