12 websites every developer should follow 🌱

David Allen on September 06, 2020

1. StackExchange https://stackexchange.com/ Everyone knows of StackOverflow.com and AskUbuntu which are part of StackExchange network... [Read Full]
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I read Hacker News daily but via hckrnews.com as this allows me to filter the most upvoted articles for each day cutting out some of the clutter.


Nice tip!
I prefer RSS so i wrote a rss endpoint which returns all posts which reach 500 points in a week.



Cool stuff. The URL doesn't return anything useful though. Is that intentional?

Ups I post the wrong link, here is the correct one:

Nice stuff, any chance to share the code?


The stuff runs with firebase and appengine.

Thanks! Great staff!


I use hckrnews.com now and then to see which all stories got flagged. You can also use the official HN search powered by Algolia for seeing the top stories of last 24 hours.



indiehackers.com/ caught my attention, so I was exploring it and it is a great place to interchange ideas, getting feedback from other members. Thanks David Allen for sharing this post.


Yes. IndieHackers is awesome. Glad that you found it helpful :)


I use Gitlab instead of Github


GitLab is awesome as well. But there are more developers and open source projects using GitHub than GitLab. So GitHub is what I would recommend if one is getting started to open source.


You want to know about the interview experiences of people who have attended software engineering interviews.

This is a very important point. The more you know, the better you can prepare since you know what to expect.

Reading about other people's experiences has always helped me for any interview I have had. Glassdoor, also mentioned in the article, is another great place to get this info.


Oh Yes. Glassdoor is also a terrific resource for figuring out the interview process of the company. Thanks for pointing that out :)


Nice post ;) Thanks for it!




Cool but I think that lack Coursera , very cool website to learn, 😁👍


Coursera is awesome as well. I would recommend Stanford's Introduction to Algorithms if someone is looking to try a Coursera course. When I took it it used to be free. Not sure what is the status now.


I think the "Introduction to Algorithms" is a paid version.

There is a free version if somebody wants to learn algorithms and it seems good. Title: Algorithms Part I and Part II. at Princeton University.


Good tip on diff.blog. I wasn't aware of this, but it looks neat.


Yup. diff.blog is awesome!


Thanks for this list, David - awesome resources! I'm curious to know if anyone has taken a paid tutorial on Udemy, and did you think it was worth it?


I have taken a bunch of courses of Stephen Grider. He is by far the best teacher I had. I would recommend anything by Stephen Grider.


Great article David, some new ones on the list for me to check out!




Great list!


Thank you!


thanks for amazing collection!


Thank you!


lobste.rs if you want a more... technically focused hacker news


Yes. Lobeste.rs is a pretty awesome HN alternative. Though I think getting an account registered is a bit of a hassle.


Very informative article, David. Thanks for putting things at one place.




Appreciate your work on collating things at 1 place.
Invested an hour to complete reading whole page with links, very informative and good learning for developers


Hope you found the links helpful :)


Are you serious? I am assuming this is sarcasm.


I think you missed the last paragraph :)


Very usefull, Thanks for sharing!!


Thank you!


50% of the resources were new to me.
Thanks for sharing 😇




Very useful informations. Thanks!


Thank you!


I'd add also all the super-duper subreddits for devs!


Oh Yes. I was a bit conflicted on whether to include the subreddits mainly because Reddit is insanely addictive and I don't want to send anyone down that path :) Though if one has the willpower to Stick to the ones like /r/programming it is worth try.


I'm sad my site is not listed there lol, it's clearly one of the best blogs for developers. Maybe next time


I love devdocs so much. Thanks for this David


Good list going to check out a few I have not visited yet.

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